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Testimonials for Whiter Teeth

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  • I always thought I had white teeth. I really didn't notice discoloration on my teeth but it was one of the first things I would notice on other people. When Sensational Smiles set up a booth in my fitness center I was given a chance to see what "shade" or color my teeth were. I was very surprised when I realized there were many more shades of white that my teeth could potentially be. After ONE TREATMENT my teeth were incredibly whiter and tons of people NOTICED. I talk to people face-to-face everyday in my job and their eyes immediately become fixated on my teeth. Sensational Smiles was extremely affordable compared to my dentist and I was as relaxed as if I were on my couch watching TV. I don't ever want my teeth to be yellow again. So I will definitely be calling Sensational Smiles again and again!
    Albert S., Scottsdale, AZ Fitness Center Membership Director
  • I had the pleasure of having my teeth whitened with Rob at Sensational Smiles a few months ago. Prior to this whitening experience I had done Zoom whitening at my primary dentist's office. After 60 minutes of Zoom, I experienced sensitivity which was painful even to the air touching my teeth. I was fearful to get my teeth whitened again. Rob's system was easy, economical, and despite my fears was painless and the results were spectacular. I have proudly recommended Sensational Smiles to my friends, co-workers, and family. Thank you, Rob!
    Amanda R, Phoenix, Arizona Registered Nurse
  • Being in the public eye, I always thought it important to put my best face forward and that meant having a great smile but always worried about the process involved in obtaining whiter teeth. Then I met Rob Kern with Sensational Smiles who was able to give me a brighter smile in just 30 minutes in the comfort of my own home! The process was painless, safe and very affordable and gave me the results I was looking for. Rob worked with my schedule making it convenient for me to finally have this done. He was professional, competent and knowledgeable, answering all questions or concerns that I had. I highly recommend Rob and Sensational Smiles for anyone wanting to whiten and brighten their teeth.
    Raven Valdes, CEO & Founder of
  • Just wanted to thank you, Rob, for coming to our home the other night for our teeth whitening. It is so convenient that you offer your service in your customers' homes. Soooo much nicer than having to go to a dental office. We both experienced great results and Mike -- a tremendous difference! The whitening process was quick and easy. The service, the results and the price are all perfect. We will definitely be calling you again when we're ready for our next teeth whitening plus will definitely be telling our friends and family about your service. Thank you!
    Carmen M, Realtor in Phoenix, Arizona
  • Sensational Smiles was quick, easy, painless and most importantly, effective. I noticed an amazing difference in the mirror and on-camera immediately. Thanks, Rob!
    Tim R, Award-Winning TV Sportscaster
  • Rob Kern is a pleasure to have in our fitness centers providing on-site teeth whitening service for our members and staff. He is very professional and passionate about his work. We are all about promoting health and wellness to help our clients achieve their goals. A brighter smile certainly enhances everybody's physical appearance and sense of wellness.
    Brigid Hatten, Director of Media
    Mountainside Fitness
  • I had a great experience with Rob at Sensational Smiles. He was very professional, friendly and extremely thorough. I wanted a little boost to my smile. The whole procedure only took about 20 minutes from start to finish. I was so pleased with the results. My teeth are whiter and brighter, and there was NO sensitivity. I would recommend it to anyone!
    Renea J, Regional Account Executive

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